Girl Friday’s Sabbatical Continues

As the gap in Girl Friday’s employment history lengthens, she has had time to reflect on some of her favorite things. She has compiled a list of must haves.

1. Max Factor’s Eyebrow/Eyeliner Pencil: Girl Friday is complimented frequently on her perfectly coifed eyebrows, but believe it or not, they are naturally on the sparse and unruly side. For five bucks, you too can have elegantly full, arched brows.

2. Tivo: Girl Friday can’t watch TV without it! How else could she obsess seven days a week about the lives of her Related sisters, vapid So Cal pals in Laguna and Newport, and Veronica’s argyle wearing boyfriend(s)?

3. Patient Zero aka Kristin Veitch and the E-online Message Boards: Mondays and Fridays Girl Friday can be found poring over Kristin’s chat, spoilers, and weekly column. When Girl Friday isn’t horribly busy with her own melodrama she is looking for scoopage on GG, LG, DuV, and LoVe. If you can’t decode that, then scoot on over to the message boards!

4. Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs: Hurry, got to Trader Joe’s before they run out. What is not to love about these pink cans of fizzy goodness? For heaven’s sake, they come with a straw!
It’s portable, yet sophisticated Champagne!
Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs
A pack of four in an adorable pink foil carrying case is only $9.99.

5. The Beach: Girl Friday and a few select gal pals live seaside, and they can’t get enough of the sun and the waves. Dolphin watching requires more patience than people watching, but it is so worth it! If you don’t live within a few miles of the beach, then plan a trip to Girl Friday Inn or decorate with sand and sea glass!

6. Bargain Hunting: According to Girl Friday, Bargain Hunting is next to godliness. Well, not really, but a discount shopping center is Mecca for some. The art of finding a good deal is keeping an open mind. Girl Friday recently bought the cutest Valentine’s Day cards in October, and even though she has plenty of jackets, she added another to her collection for only fourteen dollars!

7. Pens and Paper: Perhaps it’s the writer in Girl Friday, but nothing is more luxurious than new, top of the line writing instruments and pretty stationary.

8. Julie’s Organic Raspberry Truffle Ice Cream: Girl Friday usually picks out coffee flavored ice cream, but she was blown away when she sampled this flavor. She was so impressed she almost finished the pint in one sitting.

9. Decorating Shows: If you live in an apartment you know the curse of bare, white walls. Girl Friday likes to pretend she lives somewhere colorful and whimsical, and she finds that it’s easy to do when the TV is on HGTV.

10. Music: iTunes is a way of life for a Superheroine on a sabbatical. Girl Friday currently loves The Dresden Dolls and Carly Simon. She does cardio-ballet to “The Perfect Fit” and disco sways to “You Belong To Me.”

Girl Friday asks: What do you love? Don’t be shy!

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