Girl Friday & Holiday Stress

Girl Friday has a lot on her plate these days. Not only does she have to contend with numerous seasonal tasks like decorating, shopping, baking, and crafting, but she is also applying to jobs like mad crazy. Her resume, while witty and snarky, pales in comparison to her cover letter! Check back soon to read all about it.

Anywho, Girl Friday has been feeling like karma’s bitch lately. A slew of bad days have made her feel as if she’s back at work in another horrendous office. On Saturday a vicious WASP attacked Girl Friday at the dinner table! And no, she’s not talking about The BF’s mother! She was stung by an actual insect wasp. After crying she was able to regain her composure, but the pain and annoyance were thinly veiled for the rest of the night by an ice pack and an insipid smile. Sunday was another disaster in the making (i.e. baking). A little something sweet was in order after an early dinner and an unbearable two-hour gap before Grey’s Anatomy. After discussing all options with Lucky 10-Key, Girl Friday decided to bake a delicious Lemon Bundt Cake. The cake was a no-go as soon as Girl Friday saw a disgusting dead moth in the mix, and was later informed that it was laden with other things too unmentionable to repeat. She thanked her compulsive shopping habits and decided to make a German Chocolate Cake instead. The mix was fine and all seemed to be on the right track, but then she realized the frosting was rancid. She didn’t so much realize as she did…taste-test. Girl Friday ended the weekend with a sour taste in her mouth, all right. Monday was slightly less horrible, but again, no cigar. On Tuesday, Girl Friday had a melt down. With every step forward she took, she tripped and fell backwards two. Now it is Wednesday and the list of things to do is still a mile long. Girl Friday is lacing up her running shoes as we speak.

Take from this summary of events what you will, but at the very least, be grateful for acts of the mundane!

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  1. Maggie says:

    Just think a new Alias tonight! Plus our daily convo on T.V.! I can’t wait.

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