Girl Friday Keeps it Short and Sweet

Girl Friday is a tired gal. She’s been on her bestest behavior these past couple of days in the presence of The BF’s family. Her time as a temp prepared her well…she’s patient, sweet, and um…a witty conversationalist? Tomorrow, Girl Friday is hitting the Big City. It may sound fun and exciting but she’s only going to visit her man friend’s grandmother. At some point after the requisite family dinner, the duo will be going to Girl Friday’s family’s house. On the way she plans to finish shopping for her brother, Drummer Boy. Alizé Passion Fruit is on her list! Oh how he enjoys a good Thug Passion. Who knew that Tupac would go down in history as a mixology genius with equal parts Alizé with Hennessey?

Girl Friday hopes you’re all having a sparkly holiday season!

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  1. Maggie says:

    I missed talking to you this Friday. Happy late Holiday. I hope I get to see you while you are here in Modesto. If not that is ok.

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