Girl Friday Takes a Meeting, Part I

After being out of the office arena for some time now, Girl Friday made a cameo recently. Girl Friday interviewed at a property management office for a job towards the bottom of the food chain. While Girl Friday is not fond of minion-status, she is excited about the prospect of a generous fringe benefits package and vacation time!

Upon entering the complex Girl Friday became immediately disoriented. She encountered a friendly Australian surfer who pointed her in the right direction (talk about those fringe benefits!). After arriving in the reception area Girl Friday was whisked away into a private office and instructed to sit at the large desk (as if she was the boss!). She felt uncomfortable and wondered what kind of role-playing game her interviewers had up their sleeves. Two young men and a kindly woman sat across from her. The quiet and inscrutable one offered her a paper cup of water, which she took small sips from to combat her cottonmouth nervousness. The other young man looked unassuming and very cosmopolitan in his YSL tie. Girl Friday inwardly applauded his fashion sense and wondered how soon was too soon to ask if she could borrow any of his other haute couture pieces. After reveling for a moment the interview commenced. Girl Friday was thrown off by the group setting but worked her charm and feminine wiles the best she could. Twenty questions later Girl Friday’s interviewers ascertained that she has a big mouth (the better to put her foot in), is commitment-phobic, but a good bet in the end.

Would her cheap tricks be enough to garner a second interview?

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