Girl Friday to Join The Work Force

After a (shocking) formal job offer made this very afternoon, Girl Friday will take the leap from tenuous employment to The Work Force much sooner than expected. She’ll be joining the Team at the property management office in a “critical” role—according to her HR contact, Mendel.

Mendel’s chipper attitude made the good and the bad news easier to swallow (the good: midrange starting salary; the bad: $450 yearly parking cost). Before reporting to her first day on the job, Girl Friday will sit through four hours of new employee orientation. In the time it would normally take her to catch up on Tivo, Girl Friday will learn workplace jargon like PPO, 403B, and Title IX.

Considering the happy news, Girl Friday is surprisingly stoic. Her excitement barometer has yet to rise—she’s waiting for her probation period to end before she celebrates (party in June!). She isn’t sure if she’ll have access to E!Online, IMDB, or decent coffee. One thing is for sure, Girl Friday’s reign as Superheroine of Small Offices Everywhere is over. Her new division alone is comprised of five hundred cohorts.

While the jury is still out on the announcement, Girl Friday will be trying on new titles for size. How does Superheroine of Reluctant Admin Assistants Everywhere sound?

A bit too perfect…

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  1. Maggie says:

    One note about the bad…keep your receipts for a worthy tax write off. Just think, if the expense is returned come tax time you could be sporting a fabulous new COACH purse. I can see your fellow cohorts cringing with envy….. Hey not everyone can be as wonderful as Girl Friday!

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