Girl Friday, An Optimist?

She is not! You take that back!

In response to Girl Friday’s well wishers, she’d just like to remind y’all that she doesn’t own rose colored glasses—in fact, she just had Lasik and wears no ocular enhancements of any kind. Girl Friday is a realist, sometimes a fatalist, always a worrier, and very rarely an optimist. Life has proven that it enjoys kicking Girl Friday’s ass right when she expects rainbows and puppies.

Case in point, November 1, 2004:
Girl Friday’s first week at a bona fide permanent job. She did not PASS GO or COLLECT $200. She was fired unjustly and returned to the temp pool.

So forgive Girl Friday if she hasn’t strapped on her party shoes just yet. She does have a six-month probation to get through…

Party in June!?

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2 Responses to Girl Friday, An Optimist?

  1. Maggie says:

    Party in June!! I think I might have most my rose colored glasses last week! I thinkt he world looks much better without them. Can’t wait to chat with you this weekend! I miss you.

  2. Megan says:

    Dude, I certainly hope this one is going to pay you more than $200. Anyway, the first week is over, Sunshine 😉

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