Girl Friday Plays Nice

Girl Friday has (mostly) been pleasantly surprised by her latest foray into office life. While it has been her nature to make snarky comments about her coworkers and the ridiculous situations she is often wrangled into, this position is starting to turn Girl Friday soft.

Maybe that isn’t all true. There is one coworker that has been ever so slightly grating on her nerves. Julia J. is shaped like an eight year old and condescends Girl Friday…though it may be purely accidental. The evidence against Julia J. isn’t enough to determine her nemesis-potential, but Girl Friday is on her guard. Just the other day Julia J. wore a child-sized sweater, exposing a strip of skin completely inappropriate for the office. The buttons pulled slightly in the front, a look that Girl Friday could and would never attempt because she wouldn’t look like a flat chested ingénue, but rather a white-collar hussy. In addition, Julia J. seems to enjoy pointing out Girl Friday’s professional shortcomings. Perhaps Girl Friday is overly sensitive or Julia J. is insecure about her own, um, skills.

Aside from Julia J., Girl Friday has been working with a musician-with-a-day-job. She recently saw him at a “gig” and commented to her boyfriend that the singer was channeling his inner Trent a la Daria. Her bosses are kindly adults that act as surrogate parents to their wayward team members. To one such boss, Theo, Girl Friday has already spilled her whole gory story of childhood dreams long lost–Girl Friday wanted to be just like Carol Seaver on Growing Pains (a college student at Columbia, not an anorexic-DUI convicted Tracey Gold), but ended up an embittered office monkey. Perhaps sensing Girl Friday’s precarious state of mind after this unfortunate admission, Theo bought doughnuts for this morning’s staff meeting. The doughnuts were proffered on the heels of our fitness assessments! Theo shrugged and pointed to the doughnut holes guiltily. Girl Friday replied, “Does it look like I eat doughnut holes?” (She did when she was four and sat in the cart at the local Raley’s, but that is totally beside the point!)

If these minor annoyances aren’t enough to prove to Girl Friday’s readers that biting commentary is scarce, then what would you say if she told you she spends much of her time in productive meetings, works on a gorgeous site with sprawling grass and views of the mountains, and has access to a (free) gym and grand piano?

Come back soon and find out how long this honeymoon will last!

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  1. Maggie says:

    Are there any opening’s in this ” gorgeous site with sprawling grass and views of the mountains”. My office has a view of the back of Staples! Though sometimes the men unloading the trucks are pleasent to watch…. Uh oh, I had better get to work. I think I see a semi coming now! 🙂 I think maybe Julia J is related to the girl I mentioned yesterday Waifish Wanda here in my office. Urgh. Here we go again. Talk to you soon.

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