Girl Friday Makes a List

I have this major urge to shop ‘til I drop, or at least shop until buyer’s remorse sets in.  Some Gal Pals don’t have that curse, but I do.  All my time temping taught me to forgo frivolity and live off the basics—it was my Transcendentalist phase.  Don’t worry. I’m over it.
Below is a list of all my must haves.  If you are a true friend, you will help me pare it down.  (Because really, I don’t think I actually need all this stuff.)

1. Perfume:  I’m going to a Fragrance Event at Nordstrom with Latte Lady and I couldn’t be more stoked for it.  I’ve pre-purchased the gift bags and I’m sending one to The Pink Fairy!  My favorites right now are Cast A Spell by Lulu Guinness, Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Butterfly by Hanae Mori, and Pink Sugar by Aquolina.
2. Shoes:  I don’t know where to start.  I need some flats for work, some sexy heels, and some Converse because I can’t believe I don’t have any in my closet right now!
3. Music:  I can’t wait for the new Dresden Dolls album to come out!  I also have a craving for the new Fiona Apple CD and Alison Krauss’ latest Grammy-winning album.

After getting all these items down on a list, they don’t look so bad.  I can’t wait to get my shop on!  Being gainfully employed does have its perks.

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  1. Distro Man says:

    Why are none of these on your wish list?

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