Party People

I expect Monday morning to be fraught with last minute party planning and nagging remarks from my coworkers who will pretend to be put out. It is Dave’s birthday, but no one told me the office tradition of celebrating birthdays until this afternoon. So, I will be running around under false pretenses trying to set up his surprise party that will take place at 10:30 AM.

How did the new girl get roped into this mess?
I’ll tell you how…Jake passed the buck to me. He casually mentioned Dave’s birthday, but I had no idea how the office treats these milestones. Jake then proceeded to tell me I should put the event together. He half-offered to pick up the cake, then later CC-ed me and reassigned that job to me, as well.

Suzie Q was kind enough to offer her assistance. At 9 AM we are heading to Costco to pick up the necessities. Mind you, I have no idea what Dave likes (is he a freak about sweets?). I do know he eats bricks of tofu for lunch and doesn’t use eggs when making banana bread. Do you think they sell wheat-free cakes at the Costco bakery? It’s not likely, so hopefully Dave will be a good sport and choke down the sugary cake I plan on serving.
My biggest fear is that Dave will plan my birthday party! The horror! We’ll end up eating some disgusting concoction resembling neither cake nor pie.

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  1. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    Maybe some in your office will know that you like a flourless chocolate cake. Wouldn’t that be yum!

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