Vacation Is All I Ever Wanted

Friday marked the first day of spring break for the university. Students wished me a nice time, and I thanked them. (I don’t get the week off, but I’m hoping the office will be very slow.)

When I was in college I never had an eventful spring break. I’d visit my family, sleep in, catch up with a few friends, but I was never a girl-gone wild. Sometimes I stayed at school and worked. I never went anywhere fun and acted young and stupid. It makes me sad. Maybe spring break is a rite of passage like prom–and what do you know–I missed that too. I have no regrets though. I was too poor in college to afford a nice trip, and I’m way too much of a priss to rough it or share a room with eight other girls and their one night stands.

With some money in my pocket now, I might actually start doing that thing called travel. I’ve been pretty fortunate so far, even when I was marginally employed. For two summers in a row I impersonated a socialite in New York with Lucky 10-Key. We were the smiling girls from California, and the talk of the party when Luck 10-Key’s cousin snapped photos of us with his paparazzi camera. This summer though, I’ll actually have to vacation—like—in reality! There will be no fabulous Manhattan apartment, and certainly no Hamptons party pad complete with pool, spa, and Mercedes convertible. Most likely there will be road trips to visit family and friends in various parts of the state. And if I’m a good girl, there will be a trip to Texas to visit The Pink Fairy.

So for now I’ll save my pennies for my European holiday, my tour of Asia, my African safari, and my Latin American sojourn. I promise to enjoy the sights in my hometown, appreciate the time spent with loved ones, and take a good look at the Golden State.

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