Fool For Shoes

I went on my first unadulterated shoe-shopping extravaganza at my favorite shop in town. This giant discount shoe store has rows and rows of strappy sandals, funky athletic trainers, demure flats, and sexified stilettos. It’s shoe heaven. I’ve made trips there over the past year, but nothing is more depressing than shopping on a meager budget. Today the stars aligned—I just got my (third) paycheck from a steady job and the store was stocked for spring!

I am now the proud owner of the cutest kitten heels ever. They look like Rockstar Barbie shoes! I also bought a pair of wedge sandals reminiscent of Grecian beaches…not that I’ve been to Greece, so I’ll have to ask Latte Lady about that next time I see her. For a modicum of practicality I also threw in a pair of Mocc-Loafers.

After a dry spell, I’m back to my old ways as a shoe whore. Cobblers beware! Keep your leather sling-backs, ballet flats, and clogs locked up, because I’m on the prowl for the perfect pair!

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  1. Weltsie says:

    You’ll have to take me shoe shopping sometime. I’ve never been a shoe girl but, unlike a man, I do understand the necessity of several pairs and have recently found my closet coming up dry.

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