Mislaid Maps and Triangulated Traps

Distraction comes in many shapes and sizes.  In the end though, its only function is to keep you from getting done what you set out to accomplish.  How can we clear our lives of the big and small things, the inconvenient and the alluring?  If I had the answer, maybe my inbox would be empty.

I’ve had a list a mile long for the past few weeks.  The list was full of tentative things—you can’t pay debts without a bill, and you can’t reimburse someone without receipts, etc.  On Monday the world aligned, only to be thrown out of whack on Tuesday, then today, and probably tomorrow.  So the bills still loom, but now the issue is time-sensitive.  How do I expedite a process I can’t control?  I know I can’t manipulate time in my favor, so I’ll have to prioritize and do the best I can.

Interruptions and time (mis)management aren’t just forces of evil at work; they are rampant in our everyday lives.  I set out to be a writer, but I ended up a secretary.  Nagging worries distracted me. I was lured into complacency because it’s easier than busting my ass everyday to get what I want.  How do I extract myself from the things that hold me back?  With great care and patience I drew a map and I saw that fighting distraction is just another method of self-destruction.  I won’t be swayed off course and neither should you.

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