Food Coma

The past two days have been filled with so much food and very little work. I have OD-ed on carbs, and it isn’t a pretty sight. I didn’t realize that working in an office could be so hazardous to my health.

We celebrated Julia J’s birthday yesterday. Lucky girl got three parties, and as a bonus, our boss took us out for breakfast to start the day right!  After the omelets settled, we took Julia J to a beachside café and vowed adamantly not to discuss work.  Our already precarious friendship was threatened by my foot-in-mouthitis.  On all the days of the year to discover she was adopted—I picked her birthday.  I’m going straight to hell.  Thank gods she was in a forgiving mood.

Lunch ran a little late so my coworkers dropped me off at a meeting.  Suzie Q sent Julia J to pick me up after the meeting—it was supposed to be a diversion so that the Suzie Q could pick up her birthday cake.  Too bad Julia J picked me up early! Once I got back to the office I hurriedly set-up the party, but Julia J was in a hurry to get to a meeting of her own.  The director and I were still shoving candles in the cake when Suzie Q wrangled the birthday girl into the office.  Our singing was truly pitiful.  For some reason the whole office was out for the afternoon, leaving four very non-musical gals to mumble the ditty.

And, oh!  The celebrating doesn’t stop there!  Suzie Q orchestrated a surprise party for Julia J at her favorite restaurant with 30 of her closest friends and coworkers.  We lured her with lies and she practically jumped out of her skin when we yelled, “Happy Birthday!”  More food and drinks were had.  I practically rolled home.

Upon arriving at my apartment I proclaimed, “I shall never be hungry again!”  But alas, my eating binge is like shampooing my hair—I rinse and repeat.

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