Girl Friday and Her Tri-Colored Arm

I’m a California girl, which means that at the first hint of sun, I’m wearing flip-flops (ok, so I never even put them into retirement during the rainy season…) and attempting to get a tan on my lunch hour. I have the kind of skin that usually takes in sun quite well, but I think my tolerance to sun is changing with age and/or the ozone layer is getting dangerously thin.

On Wednesday, I managed to sunburn my left arm at lunch while at the Beachside Café.  My short- sleeved top protected my shoulder and neck, leaving me with one bright red patch of skin and a watch tan. I didn’t learn my lesson and apply sun block the following day at the Chancellor’s Barbeque. On Thursday, I wore a cap sleeve, scoop neck top and earned another red stripe of flesh on my upper arm, a beautiful lobster hued shoulder, and matching pink neck and chest. I went for the free food (as if I needed it after Wednesday’s food coma), and walked away with precursors to skin cancer. I’m a lovely mess.

Be careful out there ladies! SPF 30+ is your friend!

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