Time’s a Wastin’

It’s Sunday evening and I have been the most unproductive girl this weekend. I caught up on my socializing, but that’s about it. It seems like every few weeks though I write something about my incredible skill of procrastination. Here are all the things I didn’t do this weekend:

1. Clean the apartment (includes vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing the bathroom from top to bottom, and purifying the kitchen of all things icky)
2. Purge my closet of clothes that I haven’t worn in a year or more
3. Decorate the patio
4. Write my great American novel
5. Get in shape
6. Adopt healthy lifestyle
7. Organize my life by the Dewey Decimal System ala Parker Posey in Party Girl
8. Achieve my own Zen lifestyle
9. Call my mother for my weekly browbeating
10. Become a fully-realized woman (stop swearing, participating in burping contests, and whining like a child when I don’t get my way)

The list is extensive, but I really think that if I weren’t so distracted by pretty, shiny objects like the TV and computer screen, I might actually get something done! I think that maybe if I do number seven and eight from the list, the other items will come naturally.

To put things in perspective, here is a list of the things I did accomplish this weekend:

1. Went to happy hour with Latte Lady and met her coworkers
2. Saw three hours of Colin Firth and played a key role in the peanut gallery during Pride & Prejudice viewing party
3. Cooked gourmet waffles for boyfriend
4. Chatted with Violet the Bohemian for four hours over coffee
5. Ordered massive amount of Chinese takeout and watched massive amounts of TV with Latte Lady
6. Caught up on The Internet
7. Did the weekly Costco run to stock up on essentials like coffee and bacon (seriously, life on the Oregon Trail is tough!)
8. Played phone tag with Lucky 10-Key and decided it’s been much too long since we went shopping together and had time to just hang out
9. Did my duty as recording secretary (Seriously? Seriously!) and typed up some minutes
10. Experimented with cosmetics to find a new look and decided to go with 50’s Barbie Doll (black eyeliner, thick mascara, rouge, red lipstick)

Who am I kidding? I had a great weekend! I’ll start the week anew and attempt productivity next weekend.

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