I burned a candle down to the bottom and I made a horrible mess.  The wax spilled over the top and trickled like a waterfall onto my bathroom countertop.

I cursed myself for my carelessness, but now I see how utterly pointless that was.  It was messy and inconvenient, but wax is malleable.  Most likely there will be no evidence of my mistake.  There are things in life that are far more destructive than clumsy accidents—like words.

Words are tricky.  Elements of context and subtext make words complex and subjective.  I live by words.  I orchestrate meaning and substance with equal care.  I avoid discord between my heart and my head as much as possible, but there are people who sling words like dirty arrows.  They hope to puncture old wounds and inflict new ones.

Beware of those double-tongued people that masquerade as harmless imbeciles.

Currently playing:  PJ Harvey, The Mess We’re In


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