The Twenties Are Not for the Faint of Heart

I’ve been discussing the possibility and inevitability of my quarter-life crisis with some friends.  My crisis seems to be taking the shape of a nightmarish fantasyland that could only be captured in the pages of Vogue or an MTV music video.

I feel like I’m lost in a dense forest and I’m running as fast as I can.  Thorny brush tears at me, vines and fallen trees impede me from running without faltering.  There are wolves chasing me, and fog snakes around me and clouds the path ahead of me.  I can’t look back for too long, I can only continue to go forward, but I can’t see very far ahead of me. 

My twenties are like an enchanted forest.  There are beautiful things along the way like roses and faeries, but the roses are wild and cut me when I hold them and the faeries are at war with trolls.  I’ve been told that a castle awaits me, so I persevere. 

Bedtime stories of my childhood don’t compare to the magic and the terror of my twenty-something tales… 

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  1. The Pink Fairy says:

    well said…

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