Natalie Portman Was Wrong: V is for Vindication

I may be an Admin Superheroine, but the title means little outside of my very small world (you’ve all been so kind as to play along!).  Rare are the days when I taste sweet vindication, but alas, today I did.

I was at another infinitely boring training seminar when a bitch from another life sat next to me.  I examined her untamed curls fashioned in a bun.  I noticed her less than clear skin.  She looked vaguely familiar.  Perhaps it was her needless, haughty ‘tude or her name that struck me as familiar.  Upon closer examination I recognized her as one of my tormentors at a previous temping gig (see Giddy Up, Girl Friday!).  She scolded me for asking if I could wear jeans to a cowboy themed event, and then proceeded to sport a unique combination of pleather and polyester.

Kathy A. sat next to me feeling all sorts of smug; I assume you’d have to be a vacuous a-hole to attempt that skirt with those shoes and that bag. She may have been my “boss” in a different job, and we may have taken different paths, but we both landed in the same place—in an effing boring seminar.

Suck on that, biotch!

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