25 Years in the Making

Today I’m celebrating 25 glorious years of snarky commentary and guileless imagination! Okay, so I probably wasn’t providing running commentary on all things straight from the womb, but I’m pretty sure I was a vocal baby. By the time I was able to talk and form complete sentences I was most definitely letting my crazy schemes run rampant–my relatives can attest to this. I never stood a chance at being normal!

All I want for my birthday is:

1. A group of well-wishers—check.

2. Carrot cake—check.

3. Excellent tuneage—check.

4. Chilled Champagne—check.

I think I have a great day in the making.

Thoughts on being a quarter-century girl:

I’ve gone through a lot of angst over the years wondering if I’ve made the right choices and generally distrusting the good times because I’m always expecting something bad to pop out from around the corner. I’m starting to come around to Colette’s way of thinking though…”What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner!”

I’d like to think I was destined for extraordinary things, but it took me 25 years to accept that bizarre and unconventional are synonyms for extraordinary and I can be equally happy on this less than perfect path.

Thanks to everyone for making this day special!

Currently playing: The Wreckers, Leave the Pieces


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  1. teri says:

    my my girl friday, your life IS extrordinary – bizarre and unconvential … would you want it to be any other way? NOOOOO — anything less would be such a bore!

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