Feeling the Burn

It’s frakking hot in my office. I am miserable and an iced coffee from Starbucks can only do so much. From rain on Saturday to hot wind and 92 degrees…I can’t take it! I need time to adjust. I’ve never been so happy that the university is a casual work environment. I fully intend to exercise my right to wear flip-flops to the office. But I’ll stop short of laying out on the (extensive) grounds–it’s one thing to be a bikini clad resident, and quite another to sunbathe whilst your coworkers go about their daily business. The good news is that tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 70s. Santa Barbara 70s is perfect weather…don’t you all wish you were here with the tan surfers and the cross-country runners in their shirtless glory? The views are spectacular! And I haven’t even mentioned the islands and the mountains and the lagoon…

I sat out on a bench during my lunch, letting the wind whip my hair into a perfectly tousled coif. My cheeks feel a bit more than sun kissed–I’ll have to remember to up the SPF application. Twenty-five is too young for permanent sun damage. I’m so happy the weather has cleared up! It means iced tea, accidental tanning sessions, and watermelon on the patio.

Who’s up for a visit?

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  1. lattelady says:

    Thanks for the Ice tea idea- I am going to get me a lemon flavored, chilled, Nestea from the vending machine around the corner. Yeah!
    P.S. Of course an iced coffee from Starbucks sounds even better ;(

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