Tights Are For Pansies

I had a dentist appointment yesterday afternoon. I’ve never disliked trips to the dentist because I’m one of those obnoxious people that’s never had a cavity…until yesterday that is… This newfangled dentist’s office has TeeVee and massage chairs, but even these were not enough to soften the bad news he kept delivering.

When I got home I ate Rice Krispies with marshmallows (I so copied from Gilmore Girls!) and watched America’s Next Top Model because I’ve had a few random episodes sitting on my Tivo since March. There was a brief moment when I wanted to surgically remove a rib or two or at least start living a healthy low-fat lifestyle, but after those impulses subsided I zoned out and all thoughts about my cavity, possible TMJ, recession, and tongue thrusting (sounds naughtier than it is) faded.

I’m having a tough week and the only thing that gets me through the days is mindless television. I quite enjoyed this week’s Life on the D List and Last Comic Standing. Being Girl Friday has it’s perks—I’m an awesome role model for young girls who aspire to a career in the administrative arts and all—but sometimes I think I’d love to be a comedienne. Then I sober up and remember I’m afraid of microphones and the only time I’ve ever spoken on stage in front of a crowd I was dressed as a flower with green tights and everything. So I think I’ll stick with my desk job for now…

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