Beads and Bellies

It’s been an odd week at the office.  My supervisor is out of town for a button and bead show in Wisconsin.  My coworker had the stomach flu on Monday.  Here’s the problem I have with both of their reasons for not coming in:  1) a button and bead show is the making of a Christopher Guest movie; 2) I hate it when people talk about their intestinal ailments.  I find it truly interesting that my coworker gets a stomach ache every time the surf is good or when there is a can’t-miss soccer match on TV.  I don’t have a problem with wanting to play hooky, but I don’t need to hear disgusting excuses that involve bodily fluids.  And the buzz around the building is that my supervisor likes to pick notoriously busy times to go on crafting excursions.  Someone jokingly thought she might make me a piece of jewelry while she’s at this convention, but I really don’t think she will.  The best she could do for my birthday was sign the generic office card so I doubt she’ll be stringing together hideous B-F-F beads. 

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  1. lattelady says:

    B-F-F- Is that Best Friends forever? SC-So Cool!
    My boss was out of the office today as well- a luxury that I can afford every once in a blue moon. I got to wear my flip flops and pretend I am extremely busy and important( That’s from Bridge Jones mateys).
    And listen to Bad Fish and Smoke Two joints by Sublime!
    From that point on is all downhill!Recycling, composting, reminiscing over ex-BFs..
    And your co-worker is totally playing hookey.

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