“But You Don’t Have a Prada Backpack”

I watched The Devil Wears Prada last night.  Apparently I’m not the first girl to fall into a job in the Administrative Arts.  Too bad my job doesn’t come with a closet full of couture that I can pick through at my leisure.  Also too bad that a size six is now a size fourteen.  Wait, does that make the reverse true?  A size fourteen is a size six.  Yes, sounds like logic to me.  (What are the implications for Caprica!Six?  Discuss amongst yourselves…)

I can’t believe I forgot to mention I’m going to see THE DRESDEN DOLLS!!!!!!! I got tickets for the end of July in San Francisco! I haven’t been to a concert in so long—in fact I could probably list them on two hands—Alanis Morissette, Bush, No Doubt (all three with The Pink Fairy), 311, A Perfect Circle, and Unwritten Law.  Anyway, I love Amanda Palmer’s lyrics. She sprinkles the F-word liberally (Shhh!  Don’t tell my mom!) like Liz Phair (Used to? I haven’t listened to her latest) and talks about S-E-X. If you can’t be dirty in music, then where can you?

I’m no Rachel Ray.  I hosted a couple of friends for a Fourth of July barbeque.  I can’t do everything in 30 minutes and I suck at being bubbly and making up cute acronyms.  My annoying neighbors partied from noon until 9 PM.  One of their guests showed off her prominent plumbers’ crack and I had an interesting vantage point from my balcony.  When the obnoxious neighbors came up to introduce themselves to me on my patio I asked myself, What Would Starbuck Do?  The only answer I could come up with was to punch my neighbors.  Against my better judgment, I ran the other way and boiled inwardly. 

I think that’s it on the randomness front.  I’m off.  Damn, I forgot to wear my trusty cardigan.  Now I won’t have the desired effect of my cape blowing briskly as I fly off to solve Some Great Payroll Problem…

Currently playing on the radio:  Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars

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  1. Weltsie says:

    After also seeing The Devil Wears Prada last night, I was jarringly informed that not only am I apparently a size fourteen, but I dress like a slob as well!

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