I Just Work Here

I am feeling rather accomplished tonight.  I took care of some odious tasks like buying a new vacuum filter, cleaning the stove burners, and decluttering my desk.  I went a marketing on Saturday morning with Julia J.  I bought “sexy lettuce” on the advisement of the lettuce lady and I made Yukon Gold mashed potatoes.  I’m like a smug-married (minus the married).  I even managed to write this weekend!  Shocker!  I also caught up on Hex and finished watching Deadwood season 2.

It seems crazy, but I think I am getting the hang of this working stiff lifestyle.  Now if I could just manage getting to work on time and staying composed in the face of annoying a-holes…

Considering my overall lack of patience, I really think starting a career in the Administrative Arts was a spectacularly bad idea.  I think I confuse people with my otherwise cheery disposition.  I am all too happy to organize potlucks, go on coffee runs, and chitchat at the water cooler.  My enthusiasm wanes, however, when idiots call, when imbeciles enter the office, and when illiterates (aka students) require my help.

Notice I never equate work with fulfillment…?

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