Panic! At My Desk-o

I’m getting very excited about my trip to visit my peeps and fam, but panic is starting to set in.  I just wrote down a list of things I need to take care of before I leave, and I’m not sure if there are enough tablets to cover it all.  All this payroll and timekeeping stuff is really mind boggling and it sucks that I have no one to help me when I have questions.  I ask my supervisor things and walk away even more confused than before.  So then I pull out my directory and dial my little fingers down to the quick.  It’s a tough life I lead in my vast cubby (I don’t think it’s really a cubicle because it’s sorta a triangle).

One of the managers is going to work on the Semester At Sea ship and I am entirely jealous.  She’s sailing around the world and all I get out of this arrangement is Leave of Absence paperwork.  There is a fabulous opportunity for my admin pals aboard the ship, if you’re interested.  It would be rad to see the world, but there’s this thing called money that I need to pay for things like rent, etc. and my landlord really doesn’t care that I want to see the world.  Yet my boss was all for encouraging me to go, as if life is that easy!  I guess I’ll have to hold out for fame and world domination before I set out on a seafaring life.

In the meantime, I’m starting a list of all the things I look forward to enjoying on my mini-break:

1.  Not being at work; 2.  Not getting up to go to work; 3.  Not going to sleep so I can get up on time for work; 4.  Home cooking and eating out, really…food of any kind that doesn’t come in a microwaveable sleeve; 5.  Shopping (enough said); 6.  Everyday low prices at the supermarkets and none of this Club Card business; 7.  Coffee and books and gabbing with various Gal Pals; 8.  Tile, hardwood, granite, and berber carpet–all clean surfaces that have that homeowner feel and none of the gritty, sticky stuff in my apartment; 9.  Accidental tanning sessions and lounging by the pool, because I’m way too pasty for July; 10.  Hanging out in the city with Lucky 10-Key and going to see The Dresden Dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just have to get through another week and I’ll be a happy valley girl!

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