Not Punk Rock Enough

Mini-Update:  Apparently I’m not Punk Rock enough to see The Dreseden Dolls in concert.  Tear.  The concert was canceled yesterday afternoon.  After the requisite freaking out I immediately scoured the internet to find any alternative places in the city where I could see my beloved/raunchy Dolls.  I discovered that they are doing an in-store performace and signing at Amoeba Music in San Francisco.  I called Amoeba Music to double-check and totally gave the Promotions Girl a panic attack when I told her the concert was canceled.  She bemoaned the thought that her event may also be in peril.  She put me on hold and called the Dolls’ manager and then her store manager.  I worked her into a Punk Rock frenzy.  It was awesome.  So we’re going try this bitch again.  I am nothing if not persistent.  I didn’t travel almost 400 miles to be denied my chance to Rock Out.  I brought my cute shoes and everything, damn it!

Incidentally:  I think my memoir should be entitled, “Because I Can’t Travel Anywhere With Less Than Seven Pairs of Shoes.”  And, I do apologize for my lack of postiness.  My brain has been fried at the end of the day from timekeeping classes, leaving me little snark and wit to report the latest goings on.  I’ve started random posts on the tragedy of hip baby names and crazy things my coworkers have done, but I decided not to bore/burden you with these ramblings in nothingness.  So think of my lack of blogging as, “No News is Good News.”

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  1. Weltsie says:

    The fact that the Dresden Dolls were able to cause a “Punk Rock frenzy” in absentia is enough to make me curious about their music! I’ll have to check some of it out.

    And I am certainly curious about your hip baby name post…

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