I Took Up Croquet Today and I’m On Fire

Today has been all about the dramatic and the fantastic. I felt like pulling the covers up high and ignoring my alarm clock. We all have those days, but the bad thing is I feel this way every morning—especially on Mondays. But like a good girl I went to work. I was so busy working that I really only spent about an hour (cumulative) not doing “work” stuff. I didn’t get to e-mail back and forth with Gal Pals, I didn’t even get to finish doing my makeup during my coffee break; in fact, I didn’t even take a coffee break! That’s how busy I was! The University sure got their money’s worth today.

I recounted last week’s nitty gritty to my supervisor, who is finally back from her vacation. The story actually elicited a reaction when I told her all the crap people have been putting me through. She made me feel better about some of my frustrations, and for once didn’t add to them. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing about Dave. I was working on personnel paperwork for him and apparently he thinks I’m dumb, deaf, and retarded, so he went to HR behind my back. I got a lovely little zinger of an e-mail from HR telling me how to do my job, which I was doing already, thank you very much. He tried to make it up to me by telling everyone in the office that I should get a raise for being so on top of things. Too bad I don’t believe him—I’m petrified by what he might say about me during my review. He might still be pissed that I won’t help him make labels. Whatevs. He’s Label Boy, I’m the Timekeeper Mistress. We need new signs so he doesn’t forget, no more of this Admin Services b.s.

I left work a bit early to go on a magazine run. I never buy magazines, probably because my college-budget followed by my temp/shabby chic existence taught me to go without. Now I can afford them, but they’re just not even on my radar. The lovely Lucky 10-Key keeps me fashion forward (er, sorta, I’m not always such an apt pupil) and Notorious MAG keeps me updated with the latest celebrity gossip. It was nice to just get lost in the rows of pretty, shiny pictures. When I got home I was delighted by music from Amazon! Bitches finally sent my stuff. They were holding my order hostage until September, simply because I preordered something that’s not available yet! WTF? I complained and got my way. Amazon is just about the only place in the world that reacts when I bitch and moan—aside from my mother, but that’s an entirely different story.

The most fabulous thing of all happened at the magical six o’clock hour. I checked my stats and discovered that I met my goal for the month! Thanks to the 202 unique visitors that have visited so far. You are my newest, bestest friends in the whole wide world. Hello to Rhode Island, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Portugal, Mexico, France, Finland, and UK. I haven’t left the continent, but Girl Friday has gone international!

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3 Responses to I Took Up Croquet Today and I’m On Fire

  1. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    Woo hoo! Congrats Girl Friday! I am so proud of you! I can’t believe that HR just sent you an e-mail like that without first investigating! That is ridiculous! I (an HR person) would not do that. I would talk to all parties involved and then proceed. HR people like that give us a bad name! URGH!
    P.S. Did you hear the latest? Britney Murphy and her fiance split up. Also Joey Lawrence is going to be on Dancing with the Stars! I know this is C List news, but hey the A listers are being very quiet! Except that Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were supposed to get married in Bali but the judge (he was arrested for drugs) made him complete rehab before he can be considered for bail. So that ruined everything. Come on Kate get a clue! It has been down hill ever since Johnny Depp. 🙁

  2. Lucky 10-key says:

    I took out the trash today, and I’m on fire…it was really stinky!

  3. d says:

    Hi back from Rhode Island! 🙂

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