I Never Met a More Impossible Girl

A very special package arrived from The Darrien Segal yesterday along with my other goodies. Before I could even see the jewelry inside I first had to marvel at the presentation. I discovered why people prefer jewelers to department stores. It’s all about the presentation, baby. The cutest cellophane bag with white and green daisies held a white box embossed with her name. In front of the box was her card—one of those cards that doubles as art—inside the box was another card with a story. I’m a sucker for a good story. So there I was, primed and ready by just the packaging. I reached inside the felt pouch and pulled out one of her newest pieces. I’m now the proud wearer of her beech twig hoop earrings in sterling silver.


The Poppy Flower ring (P7 in her catalog—go download it now!) is next on my list, but I’m not sure how long I can hold out for the beech twig rings!


You should all be so lucky to add something wildcrafted to your collection. Now stop pinching your pennies and splurge on some Poison Berries or Australian Pinecones.

Loveliness abounds it seems. Just when I think I know what life has in store for me, something altogether unexpected happens. The BF went to Farmers’ Market and now my apartment smells like tuberose. I’m practically giddy from the pretty. I put the flowers all around the apartment. The aroma is almost intoxicating—like I might just spend the rest of the night inhaling, never exhaling. It’s nice to be surrounded by beauty. It reminds me not to waste the day away. If you keep your head down or your eyes closed, you might just miss out on something exquisite.

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4 Responses to I Never Met a More Impossible Girl

  1. d says:

    Hi! Super cool! You are awesome! Thanks!

    Too many exclamation marks?

  2. Girl Friday says:

    There is no such thing as too many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    No, thank you! My coworkers love the earrings. One said that you are her hero! See, you’re already a Superheroine…it must be fate that we’re friends.

  3. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    I cannot wait to order something from Darrien’s catalog! Everything is beautiful and I love the names!

    Bonus points to the BF for the tuberose! 🙂

  4. d says:

    Awe. I’ve never been anyone’s hero before. That’s kinda cool! Now I need a cool superheroine name…

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