I Got Home With My Imagination

Sometimes I can actually be rather productive (imagine that!) and still have fun at work.  Today was one of those days.  I went out for coff-ay with Suzie Q, figured out a way to get one of the assistant directors to “find her own best solution,” and solved a few timekeeping mysteries.  The director found something I let slip through the cracks (oops!), but I’m almost done patching things up.  I placed a supply order, but was deeply saddened when my coworker decided she didn’t want those smelly, fruity markers.  Bust.  I really wanted a set.  I was supposed to get 14 total, so what’s one more?

Work is starting to get back to some sort of regular schedule.  We have our weekly meeting tomorrow, which will be a nice way to break up the day.  It was on hiatus for the past month or more.  I actually really like meetings—they force me to be more productive and I feel like my work actually matters.  A lot of the Gal Pals are stressed out right now.  I think we’re pretty tough, so let’s just hang in there.  I obviously don’t have all the answers, but I can certainly relate.  I hope all of your situations improve!  I can only offer one paltry remedy for a bad day—Girl Friday’s version of Mad Libs!  Your assignment, should you choose to accept, is to provide words for the following prompts, and I will write a little story just for you!

2 People
2 Verbs
2 Adjectives
2 Places
2 Favorite Things
2 Colors
1 Food or Drink
1 Time of Day
1 Hobby
1 Job

Have fun!  Reply in a comment, an e-mail, or the forums.  I’m easy…well, not that easy.

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9 Responses to I Got Home With My Imagination

  1. Lucky 10-Key says:

    2 Adjectives FLUFFY APPEALING
    2 Favorite Things CASHMERE CHOCOLATE
    1 Food or Drink MOJITO
    1 Time of Day SUNSET


  2. Girl Friday says:

    Done. See the forums 🙂
    Next! Don’t be shy people.

  3. The BF says:

    2 People: Dana Scully, Serj Tankian
    2 Verbs: rollerblading, walking on the beach
    2 Adjectives: shiny, large
    2 Places: laguna beach, AM-PM
    2 Favorite Things: lollipops, envelopes
    2 Colors: red, green
    1 Food or Drink: popcorn chicken
    1 Time of Day: supper
    1 Hobby: collecting condiment packets
    1 Job: delivery boy

  4. Girl Friday says:

    Argh. I hate you. 🙂
    Done. In the forums and now on the main page, too.

  5. d says:

    2 People: Kara & Lee (I know! I know! so predictable)
    2 Verbs: swimming & dancing
    2 Adjectives: bright & slowly
    2 Places: the desert & the beach on a tropical island
    2 Favorite Things: flowers & diamonds
    2 Colors: azure & pistachio
    1 Food or Drink: guacamole
    1 Time of Day: midnight
    1 Hobby: sunbathing
    1 Job: mason

  6. Weltsie says:

    2 People: Donnie Darko, Penny Lane
    2 Verbs: craving, laughing
    2 Adjectives: laid back, friendly
    2 Places: used bookstore, Morocco
    2 Favorite Things: gardens, bridges
    2 Colors: ruby red, orange
    1 Food or Drink: espresso
    1 Time of Day: dawn
    1 Hobby: surfing
    1 Job: firefighter

  7. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    2 People: Michael & Maria
    2 Verbs: fighting & kissing (you know these are their verbs!)
    2 Adjectives: heatedly & shiny
    2 Places: Tokyo & Seattle
    2 Favorite Things: Guitar & Hot Sauce
    2 Colors: Hot Pink & Black
    1 Food or Drink: Chalupa
    1 Time of Day: Dusk
    1 Hobby: jogging
    1 Job: Muse

  8. Latte Lady says:

    People: Marky Mark( or the infamous Mark Wahlberg) and Laddy Latte(how vain:))
    Verbs: dancing and fighting
    Adjectives: fabulous and feisty
    Places: Athens and Ellwood Beach Dr.
    Favourite Things: a BMW Convertible and sunglasses
    Colors: Purple and Leather Black
    Food or Drink: Sex on the Beach and a whiskey sour
    Time of Day: 9 pm
    Hobby: Collecting rare animals
    Job: Secret Service

  9. Girl Friday says:

    Done with Notorious M.A.G. In the forums.
    Done with d and Weltsie. On the front page 🙂 Next up is Latte Lady, even though she keeps forgetting her name…

    Also finished with d’s second request which was:

    2 People: Lance Armstrong & Lyle Lovett – no brokeback! they’re just friends 🙂
    2 Verbs: peddling and running
    2 Adjectives: dangerous and exciting
    2 Places: my kitchen and Texas
    2 Favorite Thingssalsa and karaoke
    2 Colors: aquamarine and adventurine – I know I’m such an ass! that would be light blue and light green 🙂
    1 Food or Drink: lambic – raspberry beer (yumm)
    1 Time of Day: 2pm
    1 Hobby: knitting
    1 Job: lion tamer

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