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You’ll Notice Something Funny if You Hang Around Here for Too Long

As you all may recall, I think Pam Beesly from The Office is rad. She could totally be a Gal Pal. She’s already a Superheroine. But I think Jenna Fischer, the actress that plays her, might be a great addition, … Continue reading

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I Can’t Trap a Mouse

Totally unrelated crappy things that happened to me and other people I know: Someone reported Dave to Parking Services for having a student permit though he is a staff member. I’ve been a little irked by it, too, but not … Continue reading

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You Have Gone So Far

It has been said (by people I can’t quite identify on this great wide world web) that every seven years we are a new person–meaning every molecule in our body has turned over at least once. I was never very … Continue reading

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