Raise Your Glass

September 20th is a great day because Notorious M.A.G. turns 25 years old today!  I think she’d prefer to be twenty-faux, but I think it’s a bit premature to start lying about our age.  (I was planning to wait until at least 26.)  She’s already been spoiled to death by her husband with flowers, her coworkers with Starbucks, sweet treats, and a very cute houndstooth sweater and matching bag.  Let’s hope that the USPS continues to be my very own personal savior.  (Things were sent, but who know how mail travels sometimes—by donkey or FTL jump.)  I hope that she spends her day eating pretty things, because calories don’t exist on birthdays and other observed holidays. 

I guess September 20th is a great day to be born, because Notorious M.A.G. shares her birthday with hot ladies Sophia Loren, Maggie Cheung, and Asia Argento.  Also, the Cannes Film Festival was relaunched on this day in 1946.  Comment très fascinant!

Happy Birthday, Notorious M.A.G.!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to Raise Your Glass

  1. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! It really has been the best birthday ever! I didn’t tell you! I got your card yesterday. It was BEAUTIFUL! Thank you.

  2. Laura says:

    omg. happy belated birthday!

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