The Lights Are Staying Out

I’ve spent some quality time with my TV this week.  Here are a few highlights in no particular order:

Studio 60
rocks my world.  Sarah Paulson from Deadwood plus Matthew Perry equal love.  Smart love.  Witty love.  It’s not too late to join the cast party.

Gilmore Girls is really trying to prove to me that they’re just as good as they used to be even though they are minus the genius that is ASP (that’s Amy Sherman Palladino).  I wish Paris could have been my SAT tutor.  I’m still having trouble with damn prepositions—I know they’re bad, but sometimes I can’t figure out how to word sentences the correct way!

Veronica Mars has learned the power of the word frak!  It sounds cool and it’s officially part of Girl Friday’s lexicon.  (I think Rory would approve of my use of the vernacular coupled with a bonus vocabulary word.  Don’t you think, Sarakastic?)

Six Degrees is heating up with little Lizzy Parker all grown up.  How is it that she’s perpetually younger than me and/or the same age?  I suppose she’s also the Gal Pal of the week.  She arose from lowly assistant to brilliant photographer (or at the very least frakking a brilliant photographer…).

Several episodes of Brothers and Sisters are still sitting on my DVR.  I just may have to dedicate some time towards catching up on it!  Sashley went to a premier party with her Post Man and saw Harrison Ford (there in support of Calista Flockhart)!  Apparently he eats chips and salsa like the rest of us commoners!  I make some mean salsa and Sashley prides herself on guacamole—maybe we should have a fiesta and invite him over for something spicy.  Duh!  Like Mexican food.

Ugly Betty is pretty on the inside and has a can-do attitude that all Administrative Arts professionals need.  She is responsible, determined, and finds gal pals wherever she goes.  I say give her a chance because we could all use a bit of feel-good amusement at least once a week.

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2 Responses to The Lights Are Staying Out

  1. Sarakastic says:

    Frak is a good one, I’ll pass it on even though I have no idea what it means, but I’m Sarakastic, people should be used to it by now. I’m actually very word picky, many a relationship has been ended because the guys name sounded like a dog’s name(sebastian etc.)Now I just need a tutorial about how to do Lorelai’s make up!

  2. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    I am also in love with Studio 60. How are you liking Amanda Peet? Still no love for her?

    Veronica Mars was frakking great. I really liked the episode.

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