In the Way of Progress

Isn’t it funny how time slips through our fingers?  I’m at work for 9 hours and sometimes I get nothing done.  I’m busy refreshing that page, those blogs, chatting with so-and-so, dealing with one problem after another.  The inbox is never a manageable size.  I thought of at least a dozen projects that I should have done before I leave for my mini-break.  I tried to tie up loose ends by 5:30, consequently I was very late to my meeting with the realtor.

How can I be responsible enough to be a homeowner when I still haven’t made my new fiscal year binders?  I have stacks of paperwork since July and I just hope my boss doesn’t have the guts to go through my stuff.  I didn’t finish (or even start) a project for my coworker Jake.  Instead I sent him a pitiful e-mail, returned the project to his box, and suggested he get Sara to help him.  She won an award today for being such a stellar employee.  I think she really deserves it.  She probably never surfs the web, and she’s certainly never late.  I’m sure she never talks smack about annoying students.  They bring her flowers.

I spent two hours discussing an a-hole student that comes in once a week to piss me off with my coworkers.  Today he asked if it would be possible for the grounds crew to mow the grass after 10:30 AM.  They obviously have nothing better to do than coordinate with his REM cycles.  He also asked them not to over-water the grass.  I asked the student if perhaps he’d like to quit his graduate program and start his own landscaping company.  Apparently he knows more about plant life and he’d be so mindful of sleeping residents that he’d do it at a time everyone like him is awake—at 2 AM.  He told the director he doesn’t own a cell phone but is thinking of getting one.  I told him not to bother because no one would ever call him.

Well…okay, I didn’t exactly say those things out loud.  I told my boss and the director.  They were highly amused.  Maybe if I learned to zip it for the majority of the day I’d actually be on top of my ever-expanding pile o’ work.  I’m going to try not to think about work until Tuesday.  There’s nothing I can do about it while I’m out—my mistakes and tardy assignments will all be waiting when I return.


This is Girl Friday signing off.  Talk to you on Tuesday.  I’m taking a break!  I’ll be back with a Dresden Dolls’ adventure, one way or another!

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2 Responses to In the Way of Progress

  1. Weltsie says:

    Have a fantastic time!! Enjoy a nice break and we (your faithful readers) will be here anxiously awaiting your report.

  2. Laura says:

    awww man.
    if only i’d gotten that replace (dave? is that what you call him?) during paternity leave gig, we could’ve torn those crazy grad kids apart!

    *le sigh*

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