Things are Changing, Girl Friday

Last week was quite exciting for Girl Friday. She had three people encourage her to apply for two different jobs. Maybe being an assistant really is temporary…

I spent the weekend updating my resume, cover letter, and application.  I’ve been dragging my feet, however, to actually apply.  Good news is always suspect.
This morning I got another call from one of my supporters, Anne, telling me that she acidentally called me last week when she meant to call someone else.  Le sigh.  It’s the hazard of sharing a name with about eight other women who are all awesome.  We’re constantly getting mixed up.  Maybe I should change my name to something really distinct like Zooey or Uma.  You know those girls never got mistaken for someone else!  I know I can’t take it personally, but it still sucks.  Sadly, this has happned before.  I was asked to sit on a selection committee and then the offer was nixed two days later when they realized they had the wrong Friday.

Anne told me I should go ahead and apply if I was interested in the position, but now I think I might make a fool of myself since it wasn’t me that she had in mind anyway.  I told Anne that I had been encouraged by two other higher-ups to apply for an analyst position in the Vice Chancellor’s office.  She waffled.  She invited me to lunch.  Apparently she has much to say on the topic.

I like Anne and I respect her opinion, so if nothing else I’m going to have a great time getting away from the office, but I think she’s going to caution me about the other departments on campus.  I hope that no matter what she says that I’ll at least have the guts to apply to the other job.  I think it will be good for me to put myself out there and go through the experience.

In other news:  I am alone in the office today.  Joy!  Everyone is out “sick.”  I fully intend on listening to Placebo and putting on makeup.  I think it’s an excellent use of my time!

I’d also like to thank Weltsie for giving me a kick in the pants.  She told me I needed to post an update.  So here I am.  I don’t know why I’ve fallen into really bad blogging habits of late.  I’m actually working on some fiction right now and trying to enrich my life in other ways like keeping up on housework, cooking instead of microwaving dinner, watching classic films, reading those paper things called books, and sticking my nose in other peoples’ affairs.  It’s all rather satisfying.

The Ever-Changing Diary of Girl Friday:  The BF installed a lovely polling plug-in, so please vote.  Maybe if I have an idea how often you’d like to read about the whimsical life of Girl Friday, I’d be more inclined to post regularly again.  I plan on posting a greeting message up top again so that you can give me a nudge if needed, suggest topics, etc.  Do feel free to leave me comments or e-mail me.  You don’t need to register to leave a comment, but your comment will go into moderation before I approve it.  Blame Viagra for my need to filter!  Also, I’ve been playing around with the idea of starting another blog or adding seperate pages.  I love writing how-tos, and it seems people like reading them, but that doesn’t mean all inquiring minds necessarily want to read about my random anectodes.  What do you think?  Lastly, since I’ve updated my real resume, I probably should update Girl Friday’s, too.  I hope to do that soonly.

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4 Responses to Things are Changing, Girl Friday

  1. Sarakastic says:

    I think the more you write the better, although I can’t decide whether I’d rather have a girl friday blog updated 4 times a week, or a girl friday book, although both are preferable. Now I just sound like a stalker.

  2. hrm…won’t let me vote…but then we know that i am a stalker, and i love to read what you write, so the more the better!

  3. Weltsie says:

    Woohoo! A new post! Let it be known that will gladly provide a kick in the pants as often as is necessary to facilitate my entertainment via Girl Friday witticisms & humor. A How-To page would be brilliant and here’s an idea for a first topic: How to gracefully resign from a crazy organization such as the POW org… they are stalking me lately!

  4. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    Wonderful post! I simply adore How To’s, and DoGF. I would love to read more! I am so excited that there are 2 more posts to read. 🙂

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