What I Did on my Spring Break

Just kidding. I don’t get a spring break! I’m stuck in the working world, but we do get Friday off! Thank you, Cesar Chavez!

If I had a mini break right now I’d probably do something boring like figure out how to order new blinds for the flat or get new curtains. My parents are going to be visiting soon and I feel bad that the place looks almost exactly the same way it did (minus the boxes) in November. I might do some spring cleaning—that nook in the hallway is just as crammed as ever. My hopes that Miss Tidy Pants would rub off on me in my personal organizational habits has since been dashed.

If I had money I’d go visit YOU. We could hang out and watch movies—I’m in love with classics! (And if that’s not your cuppa, I’m always up for TeeVee!) We could pretend to cook—I promised to make candy sushi with Lucky 10-Key and I swear I’m going to learn something vegan/veggie on the off chance I need to impress! I’d probably meddle in your personal life—something else I’m quite obsessed with—until you got sick of me or finally just gave in. Where Girl Friday is concerned, resistance is futile!

So, I pose a question to you my dear friendlies…if you had the time and a reasonable amount of money, what would you do for Spring Break?

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3 Responses to What I Did on my Spring Break

  1. Latte Lady says:

    There is so much money can buy…..really;-) I would use the time to go to Costa Rica for example. Or maybe visit India-I have been inspired by both through the many movies I have seen lately and I hear from people who actually just came back from their mini break abroad that it costs less money to travel now than in the next several months.Candy sushi though? I am intrigued girl Friday? If you ever get a chance to make it, would you share?Bon Apetit!

  2. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    Let’s see. I would watch TV until my eyes burned, read every book that is stacked upon my dresser, and then I would visit you. 🙂

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