Time Flies

It’s Sunday!  How did that happen?

I had Friday off and I had a blast!  I watched some TV on DVD with a friend, met up with another for coffee, did some shopping at Sephora.  It was my idea of perfection, really.  On Saturday the BF and I went to get his and her haircuts, cleaned the flat, and went out to a well deserved dinner.

But now it’s Sunday and short of redoing the layout on this little diary, I haven’t done much.  And I can’t take all the credit for that either.  (The BF installed K2 and my graphic vampirate made the header.  Isn’t it gorgeous?)  I chatted with friends and talked about doing taxes, but as of yet no numbers have been crunched.  Laundry is overflowing, and I have a bunch of writing projects I’d like to work on, and of course I’d love to cook or work-out or do something that makes me feel less blob-like!

I know it happens to the best of us—shoddy time management—but what can we do to change that?  I’ve always been fond of lists, but I’m terrible at keeping my calendars up to date.  I like planners, but they get heavy and I find they just become a receptacle for receipts and scraps of paper wadded up with gum.  I sometimes use index cards to write down my tasks—there is something thrilling about ripping them in half when I’ve accomplished everything listed on them.

You’d think as a professional Friday I’d have a method to my madness, but often I realize I seem to thrive on my chaotic mess.  I can’t do one thing at a time; I must do eight.  I watch TV, chat, listen to music, and work on projects simultaneously.

How do you manage your time?  Girl Friday is open to suggestions.

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6 Responses to Time Flies

  1. oooh, who’s the graphic vampirate? that is gorgeous!

  2. Weltsie says:

    I love your new look! And I’m jealous of your header – it’s gorg.

    As far as the time management goes, I am the same way. Today I went grocery shopping, cleaned the house (and I mean bleached and mopped!), made a delicious pancake brunch, caught up with friends in the Caribbean, and am dressed and ready for the gym… yet I feel like I haven’t been productive enough! We’re always battling that fear of laziness, but Sundays shouldn’t be so stressful. Just because your name is Friday, doesn’t mean your Sunday should change in fashion. And neither should you – we love our multi-tasking Girl Friday extraordinaire!

  3. Sarakastic says:

    I too am jealous of that header, blast my lack of a graphics vampirate. My only key to time management is to not look at clocks so the paranoid part of me comes out thinking that I’m late & must work faster, even when I’m not. My other tip is to just give up sleeping, it’s for the weak.

  4. Girl Friday says:

    My graphics vampirate is rad, right? Perhaps I’ll have to write up a proper introduction.

    Sleep is for the weak! I only get about 6 hours of sleep during the week! I’d love to ignore clocks, oh wait, my morning tardiness indicates I do!

  5. neridra says:

    Well talking about it is something! You already know I love the new header! It’s as rad as you are. And time management is totally overrated… I’m the queen of lists, on paper and on post its on my screen, I’m also the queen of avoiding said lists, and making new lists before the previous lists is done.

  6. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    Time is on hold when TV is involved. My in-laws are coming over tomorrow and I should have spent the weekend cleaning, but The Black Donnelly’s were calling my name. My 4th husband stars on that show. It is actually really a great show. Have you watched.

    Hey you still have until the 15th for your taxes. Unless it is the 15th and you still haven’t done them, then I think you are safe!!! 🙂

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