Mikey B Wants to Jump the Queue

Lately whenever I’m doing something remotely interesting, or even highly boring, I try to remember every detail so I can report about it on this here diary.  I have loads of ideas, but never enough time to write about all of them—if I was more organized I’d keep a list of them handy.  (Still to come are posts on how to handle the Miss Forward-a-Lot in your life, pictures of the flat, and a new how-to.)

Yesterday was a day all about connecting with old friends.  I was online and at one point I had seven chat windows open.  I chatted with Sashley, my old roomie, and Mikey B, a friend from high school.  I wondered what would be considered newsworthy.  For example, I told Sashley about our other roomie who I recently eloped.  I decided she didn’t need to know the nitty gritty about redoing my floors.  She told me about work and her broken heart that’s still mending.  She left out the details about her trip to Las Vegas.

When I talked to Mikey B I caught him up on The Pink Fairy’s new blog.  I told him about Notorious M.A.G.’s deal with her husband to get a cat and name it Bjork.  I reminded him that I’ll always be Ms. Friday, whether or not I ever marry.  He informed me that he is still so ADD that he can’t keep up his own blog—much less anyone else’s—or go on a lunch break that is shorter than three hours.  He admitted that he liked to post pictures and when I asked him where he said, “The internet.”  Hmm…yeah.  I was hoping he’d narrow it down for me since there are lots of tubes and wires that connect this giant web-like system.

Despite Mikey B’s inability to focus or remember things, he checked my little ol’ diary this morning to see if in deed our conversation made the front page.  To his chagrin he found nothing but yesterday’s Visual DNA thingie.   Something else he hasn’t mastered?  Patience.

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  1. woot! mikey! it’s good to know that some people are still recognizable as the ones we knew ten years ago.

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