Survey Says…

I had three lovely participants in my pick-my-dinner poll.

The Pink Fairy voted for In N Out, and while that’s not our final pick, rest assured, we did go there for lunch!  Latte Lady voted for International Cuisine, but after thinking long and hard we realized we tapped out that market already with Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and on the nights preceding the Queen’s visit we had gone to Chinese and she had gone to Peruvian (but if you ask her cousin it was Persian).  So, Weltsie, your vote has it!  We are going to eat something GREEN.

Thanks for playing!

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2 Responses to Survey Says…

  1. *sigh* i just miss in ‘n’ out. somebody mail me a milkshake?

  2. Weltsie says:

    Woo hoo – I win! So now we need to have a dinner to celebrate… perhaps I will cook for YOU, Girl Friday.

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