Moving On Up…

…Not to the east side, but to a better job, in deed.  I just got the call.

What it lacks by way of more money, the office more than makes up for with a window and a door.   I just need to break the news to my unit, figure out when I can start, talk to my new boss, finish the growing pile of work on my desk, find my replacement, and then…I’ll be on my way to being the Superheroine of another small office.  This time I won’t be just an assistant.  That. Is. Exciting.

Lucky 10-Key is coming for a visit this weekend.  I’m sure she’ll help me celebrate.

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4 Responses to Moving On Up…

  1. hooliagoolia says:

    That’s awesome! congratulations 😀 😀 I’m sure your Girl Friday exploits will be just as entertaining (and maybe even more fulfilling) at the new job!

  2. Sarakastic says:

    Super Congrats! Sorry that’s all I can think to say after the news about Gilmore Girls being canceled, but it isn’t just a cop out congrats comment, this is super congrats!

  3. i’m so happy for you. it’s so nice to see good things happen to people who deserve them.

  4. Weltsie says:

    I just saw this! Congrats, Girl Friday, you deserve only the best in opportunities! Perhaps you will motivate me to move on up myself. Cheers!

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