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Girl Friday’s 26th birthday is on Tuesday, May 22! My birthday wish list is simple:

1. Good food: This won’t be too hard since I already have lunch plans with some coworkers and the BF will make/buy/order whatever I want for dinner.

2. Good day: I have to go to work, but as long as no one yells at me, I’ll be okay.

3. Good times: Even if the first two don’t work out I’ve still got an awesome evening penciled in—it’s the season (series?) finale of Veronica Mars.

Now, seriously people! My wish list is that simple, but I like to be a little more materialistic with my friends since most of them don’t live anywhere near me and I have no control over what they eat and do for their big day. So for fun,  fill out your wish list in a comment with three things you’d like for your birthday or any other gift-giving occasion and remember these items when your friends and family ask!

Also, what is your opinion on online wish lists? I have one at Amazon.com that the BF’s parents use religiously. It can be good and bad since I’m apt to ask for the same thing online as I do offline. This results in multiples…but I guess one can never have too many copies of Imogen Heap of the La Femme Nikita soundtrack.

The material side of me is excited about the Think chair that I’m probably getting from the BF. I have a blue one at work, but here’s the one I picked out:


It’s very exciting. Whee! A chair!

Aside from that I’ve gotten a lovely amount of gifties already from other friends. Thank you all! It just wouldn’t be a birthday without maple sugar candy, a ginormous candle, and Australian pine cones!

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2 Responses to Wish Lists

  1. Latte Lady says:

    G-day Mate! Happy Birthday and many more to come….. I have made you a custom CD with ethnic BG pop and folk ballads… I can guarantee it will be a unique music mix and I hope you like it.
    I love your new chair and congrats on the new appointment.

    Or if you’d like I can get tixs for the Dodgers on June 30th for a girlz only event.Let me know.

  2. Weltsie says:

    Did you get your chair? Is 26 everything you ever dreamt it would be?

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