I Break for Blogs

With the news of my imminent move spreading throughout the world, I’ve been working at a break-neck speed so that I can get everything done. It hasn’t been easy with my boss breathing down my neck, more assignments coming in, and the stress eating away at what little sanity I’ve maintained during my early twenties.

Oh, and soon I’ll be saying good-bye to my early twenties, too. I’ll officially be in my mid-twenties. At 25, I have been holding on to the “early” designation a little too firmly. I think my knuckles are actually white. Let’s face it though, I have separation anxiety. Last night I had a piece of my heart ripped out—ok, so I’m way melodramatic—when the finale of Gilmore Girls aired. I just can’t bear to say bye bye to one more thing.

I guess this month is all about coming and going… I had some lovely houseguests! Queen of Anagrams came to visit while she was out on the west coast for a family function. I took her to see everything Cali-for-nye-a: the mission, the Pacific, In N Out, outdoor malls, etc. We had a blast and basically ate our way through town. The following weekend Lucky 10-Key came down in her shiny new convertible. We drove all over the place and got sunburned a few times. We pretended to be super gourmet girls! We ate lunch on the lawn of the rose garden and ate Caprese salad (that’s fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil drizzled with olive oil), pesto jack cheese and crackers, Trader Joes crinkle cut potato chips, mini Sophias (we felt so smug drinking champagne!), and gorgeous organic strawberries. The next day we made candy sushi! I promise to post pics and do a how-to this week!

I got so sick of being a good little worker bee this morning, so I’ve been catching up with my favorite blogging girls instead. (I do apologize for spamming your inboxes with comments!)

Lastly, here is the meme that Sarakastic started and The Pink Fairy added to:

1. If you could travel back in time & kick anyone, who would it be & why?

I think the person responsible for high-waisted “Mom” jeans should be kicked. What did his mother do to him!?

2. When people mistake your name for another name, what is it? (People seem to call me Kate a lot, not at all close to Sara. Although, I was once known as Stacey at a place I worked, this went on for 6 months & spread like wildfire, even though I always wore a nametag)

Too often people call me Miss when I’m clearly a Ms.

3. If you could add any question to this Meme what would it be?

Megan added: What’s your favorite flavor of jello?

Raspberry. Definitely.

My addition: What do you keep stashed in your house that you can’t bear to part with?

Bags. I hoard shopping bags from cool places. My Sarah Jessica Parker GAP bag, my Dylan’s Candy Bar bag, and my Cath Kidston bags are keepers. Seriously. Stop laughing. Stop! I’m not a Bag Lady, I’m just sentimental.

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5 Responses to I Break for Blogs

  1. Weltsie says:

    When I turned 26 my best friend (who was already 26, in fact) tried to wish me welcome into my “late twenties”. I (obviously) rejected this invitation and claimed we were still firmly in our “mid twenties”! I am, however, a little concerned about my next birthday. Is 27 still “mid twenties” range?? If not, I’m clinging regardless!

  2. Weltsie says:

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL FRIDAY! Will you let me take you out to celebrate??

  3. so i just got a graduation announcement for my nephew. if that doesn’t make me even more freaked out about leaving my early twenties, i don’t know what could. sigh.

  4. Sarakastic says:

    I save boxes from inexpensive stores, that way I can put gifts in it, & watch with sadistic glee as the gift receiver tries to find something nice to say about the piece of crap in the Neiman Marcus box. I probably should’ve just kept that to myself.

  5. Sarakastic says:

    Oh & Happy birthdya, I hope it’s actually your birthday, your comments say it is

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