Note to Self

Dear Girl Friday,

Did you really think that you’d wake up on your 26th birthday and be “mature”?  Because news flash, that so didn’t happen.  Let’s hope that you will learn some valuable lessons soon:

It is unwise to lug note cards and stamps in your bag for three months with the grand idea of sending Thank Yous to relatives for Christmas gifts.  You will lose your stamps and spend the next two months searching your flat in vain.  Your friends and relatives have been greatly offended and you have little hope of winning them over again.  It’s possible your Aunt Roseanne has blacklisted you.

If your insurance company sends you a letter, you should read it and follow the directions to the ‘T’.  Do not wait to take action just days before the deadline.  This is how insurance companies make money—off of schmoes like you that are too disorganized to function.

Don’t be smug and superior-like just because you manage to clean and do laundry a few hours a week.  This hardly means you have your life together.  It simply means you’re better at hiding your disasters in your spacious cabinets.

Beating yourself up about your shortcomings doesn’t fix them.  Neither does blogging about them.

Peace, Find Inner The.

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