I Thought I’d Heard it All

Working as a temp will make a girl pretty jaded. And if that doesn’t crush her spirit, then working with the youth of America will!

I thought the worst experience in the work place was the time a boss asked me to type up religious propaganda. And there was that one time where the whole office didn’t show up until 10 AM and I stood outside for two hours in my chic yet reasonably priced cardigan and heels. Oh, and that was the office that forgot about me and almost set the alarm at the end of the day with me still inside the building.

Anyway, back to current day travails… Most recently one of our staffers was caught drinking on the job. Now I’m a good time gal, but alcohol and heavy equipment is just a disaster waiting to happen. How could his mama pack him up for school without common sense? It should have been sandwiched between healthy independence and time management.

Tsk tsk tsk…

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  1. Notorious MAG says:

    Oh my gosh! I’ll like to add that at my work we had to send a reminder on our smoking policy because someone was smoking in the bathroom!! Can you believe it? Are we all back in high school?! (Not that I smoked in the bathroom or anything, but you see it in movies and tv.)

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