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It’s been a while since I had a minute to catch my breath. I took a sick day, because well, I’m sick…but not too sick to blog!

On August 12 this diary celebrated it’s second birthday. I forgot to throw it a party, but I swear I’m going to bake my blog a cake or buy it something shiny. I love writing about nonsense, and I’m lucky to have some kickass readers. You’ve all made this interweb feel like a really small world. Thank you! A special thanks to Sarakastic who crowned me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger.


Now I just need to pass it on…that post is forthcoming! Thank you!!!!!

In other news, my parents graced me and the BF with a visit last week. It was a bit of a surprise, but at the same time not. The summer seemed to run away and my dad had planned to help us redo our counter tops, so before they had to head back to work they decided to make run down here. It took longer than expected. They were here working from Sunday ’til Thursday. Unfortunately the BF and I couldn’t take any time off, so they had the run of the flat while we were off earning the bacon. Our counter tops are now a nice faux stone and our old counter tops (a fabulous lemon yellow with yellow and turquoise boomerangs) are gone!

During my parents stay I managed to revert to a five year old. I fell in the parking lot at work and banged up my knees, hands, and chin. Girl Friday is smooth. NOT. I drove home and tried to find something to laugh about other than me, a grown woman, falling in public. My mom gave me banana and cleaned me up. Talk about embarrassing. I tripped over a piece of candy that was littered, but lately my ankle has been hurting me and it’s the same one I twisted during my vacation, so I may need to have it looked at. Maybe it’s still a bit strained.

By Friday I was exhausted and hobbling around, but I managed to succumb to some nasty allergies. There is a fire burning in the mountains and the ash just descends constantly. It’s like snow, only it irritates my lungs and airways so all I do is sneeze and cough. So um…not like snow at all, really.

There was a point to this post, I swear. What I learned from my fall was that I’m not really present in my life. I’m a multi-tasker. Right now I’m listening to the new Tegan & Sara while blogging, my roomba is vacuuming, and I’m chatting online. Maybe I’m doing too much at once. Maybe we all are. I think gravity exerting it’s awesome power on me is supposed to be a little bit of a wake-up call. I need to look up every once in a while, see what I’m doing, see what surrounds me, be conscious of the things I’m saying and doing. I need to stick to my plan…I need to have a plan. The likelihood of me mainstreaming my life is pretty slim (who can these days!?), but I’d like to make more of an effort or at least take a few minutes a day and just…BE.

That is all. Go forth and be beautiful and happy!

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3 Responses to Backlog Blog

  1. Sarakastic says:

    Happy Blog Birthday. My question is who spits out candy & leaves it on the ground for people to trip on? First off, it’s very rude, secondly who spits out candy, it’s CANDY!

  2. i fell out of my chair at a party last week. for no reason. i was sitting, and then i was on the floor. just like that. my clumsiness knows no bounds. is clumsiness a word? i’m sorry you’re sick!

  3. Weltsie says:

    I know exactly what you mean about being unfocused and elsewhere. I’ve been feeling that way a lot lately too. Just… distracted. It’s good to recognize it and take even just one minute to stop all the mundane tasks and just breathe. Oh, and to actually look at people when they’re talking – when I’m getting truly distracted I stop even doing that!

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