A Cat Named River

The BF and I got our first pet this weekend! We brought home a precious, two year old stray. She’s an Abyssinian cat from a rescue sanctuary. We’ve named her River, after River Tam from Firefly and Serenity. After bringing her home we had to run out for an hour to get some stuff. We left her in the kitchen, but when we came back she was no where to be found! But then we heard a meow and there she was, on top of the fridge, in a very River Tam like pose. Also, she apparently likes water and learned to turn on the faucet. I hope she doesn’t flood the place while we’re at work!

She likes to be pet and thinks she’s a dog. She keeps licking us with her sandpaper tongue. She’s not quite a lap cat yet, but she’s still adjusting. She loves to play with her hot pink mouse (I think the Pink Fairy would approve). She pretends she’s “caught” it and plays with it in her beds (a fluffy blue one and a large basket the rescue place sent home with us). After a while she forgets what she did with it and goes hunting for it.

Here she is:

Coming home



It must be kismet because the BF found this comic:

Action Movies

My little girl doesn’t beat anyone up, but she does like to play bite.

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3 Responses to A Cat Named River

  1. Sarakastic says:

    River Tam is an even better name for a pet than Paul Ankah!

  2. she’s beeyooteefull!

  3. She’s too cute! And I’m sure she’ll more than live up her to her namesake. We named our’s Lilith and she certainly lives up to hers 😀

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