I’ll Take Two, Thanks

Favorite Things, Part V

(…continued from Part I, II, III, and IV)

So by now I should be preaching to the choir, right? Etsy is the best thing since sliced bread! The holiday shopping season isn’t just about buying gifts for other people. While searching for nice things for friends and family, don’t feel bad if you want a few things for yourself, too! Etsy sellers make guilt-free buying simple. The shops are run by people like you and me who understand the plight of the online shopper—shipping charges! Most sellers will combine shipping costs if you buy more than one item, so it helps if you know what you want to buy instead of browsing endlessly. Another cool offer I’ve seen is free shipping for repeat customers or free shipping within the continental U.S. This thoughtful consideration is what keeps me shopping at Etsy. Plus, just like other retailers, Etsy sellers put their items on sale!

Guilt free favorites:

1. Christmas decorations really help me get in the mood, especially since I live in a place that’s currently 68 degrees at almost 10 o’clock at night! Since there is no snow here, I have a great appreciation for nontraditional looking holiday decor. I love Rikrak‘s stockings! I needed a little one for my new kitty, but naturally I wanted to upgrade mine and The BF’s also.

2. The tree could always use some new trimmings. Even better are some vintage looking things. Brandywine Boutique crafts some very pretty things using delicately distressed papers, paint, and glitter. You can never have enough glitter during this time of year!

3. Buying stationary always satisfies my need to shop. Empty George has cool graphics and doesn’t shy away from fun colors.

Don’t forget thank you cards! (P.S. Take a look at the humor section!)

4. Gifts with purpose go along way. In order to lug around my holiday goodies to and from work, I sure could use one of these! Three Dog Party captures the look of a classic girl Friday on this canvas tote.

Another find that’s perfect for someone’s stocking and also for yourself are these nifty bookplates. Organization is very important, whatever time of year!

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  1. Sherry says:

    You are so right!! I just found you at Brandywine Boutique…and etsy IS the best. I’ve only been a member there a short while but aside from selling I do a great amount of purchasing!! Handmade is the only way!

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