A Fabulous Mixed Bag

Favorite Things, Part VI

(…continued from Part I, II, III, IV, and V)

Right about now you should be done with holiday shopping, right? Well, you would be if you took the hints from retailers in October! If you’re like me, then you’re still scrambling for some things. The thought of entering another store in the hopes that you’ll find the perfect gift for so-and-so can be daunting. I had a few people on my list who are particularly troublesome, so I made a list of their favorite things and solved my mini-crisis in seconds. Do it. No, seriously, write down some things (right now!). Your list might look like this: candy, nature walks, recycling, and medieval times. All of these things seem like potential shopping woes. Not so with Etsy! Just search for your items in “tags, titles, descriptions.”

Seemingly unrelated favorite things are easy to find on Etsy:

1. Clever Girl makes sweet jewelry. It’s playful and makes me crave candy!

This pendant is darling!

2. If living a healthy life outdoors is more your speed, check out The Full Spectrum‘s line of tees and totes. The artist screen prints flowers, sea life, and even bikes on an array of colorful cottons.

Don’t worry, not every artist I like caters to just women! The Full Spectrum also has men’s shirts!

3. If you’re worried about the waste that the holidays produce, consider Easy Being Green‘s Eco-Conscious note card set.

The message is snarky, but well meaning! Educations is key, people!

I also love Remade‘s creations using materials with a former life. The artist makes beanies out of beloved sweaters and cuffs out of vintage belts.

I think this would be another great gift for a stylin’ guy.

4. If you’re looking for art with old world charm, then look no further than Emily Balivet. Her artwork is stunning. I’m in love with the Twelve Women with Birds print!

It reminds me of the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses that I used to read as a child.

Finding the unusual is really quite simple. Shopping always takes longer than one expects, but the benefits of our hard work is absolutely evident when a friend opens up his or her treasure. Take the time to find something just right. Be considerate and buy handmade.


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2 Responses to A Fabulous Mixed Bag

  1. lattelady says:

    Dear GF,
    Thank you for sharing some excellent ideas for Holiday gifts-I also enjoyed reading the fairy tale about the 12 dancing princesses-I used to know all of Brother Grimm’s stories-some were my favorite as a kid but I had forgotten all about this one.
    As far as Eco cards-my mum sent me one which I can re-use as it has an insert with a greeting message that can be easily removed and replaced with a new one;-)

  2. Notorious MAG says:

    GF your lists are fab! I adore the eco cards. I may have to buy them! I need to mail them to my sis and cuz. They are still using plastic bags! URGH!!! I love Etsy thanks to you! I received my Alice in Wonderland pics the other day. I am excited to get them framed! 🙂

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