It Don’t Snow Here, It Stays Pretty Green

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m just sitting here after my meal of take out spaghetti and meatballs wondering what I can say…  I wasn’t feeling totally in the holiday spirit this week.  Typical of most holidays was that things have not gone as planned.  Try as I might to be organized, there were some snafus and in Girl Friday fashion I’ve done my best to take them with grace and aplomb.  (Read:  I panicked and then proceeded to talk things to death.)  But now I’m really enjoying my time off.  I’m reading Harry Potter, sipping wine, and I’m not in a hurry for anything!

With so much leisure time on my hands I thought I’d impart some silly things that I learned lately:

1.  Jessica Simpson only has 48 fans!  Apparently my blog gets more people excited than her latest flick Blonde Ambition.  I bet the Gilmore girls would rent this and gorge themselves on Tater Tots, Easy Mac, and Red Vines.  I’d need at least that much junk food to be persuaded to sit and watch it!

2.  I finally learned about Boxing Day!  When I say learn I mean I now have a vague idea as opposed to not an inkling.  Basically, what I got from Snopes is that Boxing Day is a much more convenient way to say “the day after Christmas.”  It seems like every day in the month of December is described in relation to Christmas and that’s just really not fair to all those unique days that also only happen once a year.  I’m not sure how I’d go about observing the holiday, but since I live in the U.S. and don’t get the day off anyway I think I’ll just be a party pooper.

3.  Apparently curling is a sport.  Seriously.  I’d never heard of it until yesterday’s Korbel Curling Challenge on NBC.  (Why a champagne company would want to sponsor this I don’t know!?)  It’s an Olympic sport, and according to the sportscaster, it’s more popular in Canada than ice skating or hockey!  I find this hard to believe, because to me it looks like a cross between bowling and pushing dust busters and brooms across the ice.

I’m glad I have this time off to catch up on my random facts.  I hope you, my loyal readers (according to my daily stats–about 126 of you), found this post and all the others during 2007 fun and fabulous.

Merry Christmas!

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2 Responses to It Don’t Snow Here, It Stays Pretty Green

  1. neridra says:

    Ha! And I just learned tonight that every time Jessica attends a game played by her boyfriend, his team looses. (Football I think but I wasn’t really paying attention to the boys talking sports) 🙂

    I remember seeing curling in the Olympics a few years ago and wondering why it was an Olympic sport! Curious!

    🙂 Happy Christmas to my favorite Friday!

  2. lattelady says:

    I actually have a friend who used to play curling so I found out what it was by order to do it you need to know how to ice skate…a skill I never acquired…I wonder what it would be like to go the ice skating rink in NYC.Loads of fun for sure;-)
    Holly,jolly Christmas and a Happy New Year!LL

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