I Don’t Know How to Use This Damn Thing

I feel like how my grandmother must have felt when cars were invented.  She was probably knew they would come in handy, but also probably sure she’d never learn how to use one.

I am using InDesign for work right now and I honestly don’t know how to use it.  Now I know that I’ve said similar things before (like when I had to learn how to use Dreamweaver), but this is different.  I have no actual interest or personal stake in learning this program.  I highly doubt I will ever need to make a personal newsletter or a brochure.  I would simply use this handy blog to keep my peeps informed.

Why oh why can’t I just blog about what’s going on the my department instead of having to put together an excessively wordy, very ugly, and time consuming NEWSLETTER!?

If the prospective readers are ANYTHING like me, they they will either chuck it in the bin or lose it under a stack of junk mail.  At this point I am so desperate to complete the project I’m actually considering sneaky, underhanded ways of convincing my boss that I already sent the newsletter and her copy must have gotten lost in the mail.

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