Friends and Enemies

Oh blog, how I have missed you.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Latte Lady.  It was wonderful.  Latte Lady inspired me to confront my recent blog writer’s block.  She misses the days of my incessant posting about annoying coworkers, antagonizing bosses, and ludicrous situations.  I thought about why I haven’t felt brave enough to write work much lately.

Work is still as annoying as ever.  Different office, same woes.  (My brother has a different and way more crass way of saying that, but I’m trying to keep up the appearance that Girl Friday is a lady!)  So if things haven’t really changed, then why have I?

To be honest, I haven’t been feeling like much of a Superheroine these days.  I’m just holding it together, trying not to crack under the pressure.  Instead of the ridiculousness fortifying my inappropriate sarcasms, it’s killing my sense of humor.  And nobody wants a Debbie Downer.

So, I must resolve not to take life too seriously.  I must remember that life is littered with friends and enemies, but I have a a discerning eye and I should know by now who I can trust.  I can trust my blog, a true and constant friend.

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